About Us

Family-owned and operated, Forster Garden and Wild Bird Center (also known as “Forster Seeds of Quality”) opened after the family spent more than twenty years as Glass Gardens Greenhouse in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Founder and family patron, Fred Forster, contributes over 35 years experience as grower, merchandiser and retailer. The owner, Chad Forster, learned the lawn and garden family business from a young age and opened Forster Seeds as a modest wild bird feeding center in 2010. Forster’s Wild Bird Center currently sells between 2 to 6 tons of fresh bird seed per week, and they pride themselves in the quality of their eight custom blend mixes. Now currently two stores under one roof, the experience and knowledge gained from being a greenhouse grower has helped the lawn and garden retail side of the business grow to more than ten times its original beginnings. The formula to their success states founder Fred Forster is service, selection and satisfaction.